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Traditional burgers

We source and use only the finest beef which has been carefully selected to give just the right taste to meet our high standards.


The meat is then twice minced and any gristle automatically extracted and discarded.


The minced meat is then carefully formed into the burger by a Formax Tenderform machine which does nothing more than compress the meat into burgers in the size that you require. With just the right fat content the burger is then perfect for your gourmet restaurant. 


The burgers are carefully packed with paper interleaves in boxes with the contents clearly marked. These are then delivered to all of our wholesale customers around the UK. From restaurants to distributors, we've got you covered.


Burger sizes range from 1½oz sliders to 10oz, in round or free form shapes, with or without flavourings. Choose the Glenfields Classic Burger

The Taste Sensation

When cooked to perfection, the burgers have a wonderful, juicy taste and just the right bite for your customers to enjoy. 


With 100% high quality meat you can be sure of 100% high quality burgers to serve to your customers.

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