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High Quality Halal Meat Wholesalers in the UK!

Introducing AYA...

The Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) is an independent, non-profit, registered charity organisation whose main aim is to certify the production of genuine Halal food. HMC complies with the UK Laws for food production, as well as Islamic dietary compliance Laws. We are one of the few Halal meat wholesalers in the UK with HMC certification on our AYA brand meats!


HMC promotes animal welfare, issues of food safety, hygiene and quality in compliance with UK Law and within the teachings of the Islamic faith. HMC works with companies who are involved in the production and supply of Halal food, to independently certify all products to provide assurance to the Muslim community that all food meets the high standards of Halal.


Every Glenfields Foods AYA Halal burger is certified and sealed by HMC to meet the requirements of the Muslim community. 


Glenfields Foods are listed on the HMC Certified Product List. View listing.

Only the Glenfields AYA brand is HMC approved.

HMC Certified and Only the Highest Quality!

Our Halal Experience...

Glenfields Foods has established themselves as one of the UK's largest halal meat wholesalers. Our 70+ years of combined experience mean that our name rings bells in the restaurant industry. We supply restaurants throughout the UK with regular deliveries of fresh, high-quality, HMC approved meat. 

Our speciality is our wholesale halal burgers, however we can also source and provide any cut of halal meat as required. Whether you require a run of size-specific burgers for your restaurant, or a bulk order of steaks, we've got products for you. 

Our process ensures that every product is approved, produced, packed and shipped under our eyes. This rigorous process has allowed us to establish ourselves as a market leader when it comes to halal meat wholesalers. 

Our direct-to-restaurant deliveries run every day around the country ensuring that you won't find another halal meat wholesaler with quality or convenience to match

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