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About Glenfields Foods

We are a small private company but with a big background.  Our people really care about making the very best burgers and trying their utmost in providing the very best service possible to all our customers.

Our business is Burgers - it's not a side line or part of a large catering butcher.

We believe that if meat is to be described as Halal, then it must really be Halal.  With this essential requirement, Glenfields Foods has been able to acquire HMC accreditation and is recognised as a supplier of certified Halal product. 

By using some of the most advanced tenderform burger machinery available, we can quickly adapt to specific customer requirements to produce the size and recipe that you require.

Michael Haynes - Managing Director

Michael has been in the meat trade all of his life starting work in the abattoir through to extensive experience in larger multi product catering butchers where he worked up to Factory Manager.  Over the years he has delivered a wide variety of meat products to many of the world's top chefs and TV personalities.  Michael's passion to supply gourmet quality inspired the creation of Glenfields Foods, where taste and customer service are paramount. 

Michael knows all that there is to know about sourcing the best quality meat and how to turn it into the best quality gourmet burgers.

Ben Laouira - Sales

Ben has been involved in the Burger trade for 45+ years. The experience he has gained during this time has proven invaluable to his clients who often request his support in developing new concepts and cooking ideas.


He has built contacts through serving some of the top Restaurants and Hotels in the UK

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