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One of the UK's top Halal meat suppliers

Delivering directly to businesses around the UK.

Halal Meat Suppliers for business...

We've been supplying distributors and restaurants for decades. Our direct to restaurant service is managed by our own fleet of delivery vehicles around the country. This ensures our high-quality meat is provided as fresh as possible. Why choose us as your meat supplier? Because of our experience.

We're known for our friendly service and ability to secure any meat product you require. From every-day burgers to specialist cuts of approved Halal meat, we supply it all. Our customers stretch far and wide throughout the UK. 

Our meat wholesale service is fast, accurate and reliable. We know it's not easy to run a restaurant. A reliable and fairly priced meat supplier is incredibly important and we offer a service you can depend on.

Want to know a restaurant near to you that we supply? Give us a message on Facebook and we'll direct you somewhere to try our produce.

Glenfields Foods are one of the UK's largest burger manufacturers and meat wholesalers. 

We don't just supply burgers...

We may be known as a specialist burger manufacturer but we do much more than that. We source a range of meat cuts from steaks and roasting joints through to poultry and more. We're a restaurant supplier that can handle specialist requests.

Glenfields Foods meat has a special reputation amongst restaurants and restaurant suppliers alike. Our wholesale range and speed of delivery is second to none.

The Halal range of produce we offer is extensive, HMC approved and readily available. We're one of the UK's largest halal meat suppliers and we take that reputation seriously ensuring that each and every order is handled in our unique way,

We'd love to speak to you about supplying your restaurant and we guarantee you will want to continue working with us. 

Contact us today to discuss more!


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