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Introducing Glenfields Foods

With growing concern over the ingredients in the food we consume today, Glenfields Foods - Halal Meat Supplier was formed with the express intent to produce only the finest quality beef and lamb tenderform burgers. Now, we deliver between 300,000 and 400,000 burgers every week around the UK. Although we are known for our specialist burgers, we do supply a full range of Halal meat available to butchers, restaurants and distributors located anywhere within the UK.

Run by a small team of highly knowledgeable personnel, Glenfields have over 70 years experience of sourcing and preparing meat for the wholesale gourmet Halal market. With our specific focus on the production of burgers, Glenfields guarantee that the quality of ingredients and manufacture meets the highest possible standards. We're one of only a handful of suppliers of our size with HMC accreditation for our Halal meats. 

"Glenfields Foods burgers are an absolute must-have for any restaurant. No other Halal burger compares"

our story

How can Glenfields satisfy your demands for quality?

Highest quality beef or lamb

Our experienced team have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from the abattoir to large manufacturing facilities and know everything about sourcing the best quality meat and how to produce the most amazing gourmet burgers.


Your size and definition

By using some of the most advanced tender form burger machinery available, Glenfields can adapt to specific customer requirements to produce the size and recipe you require.


Prepared and delivered with care

Over the years, our team have supplied a wide variety of meat products to many of the world's top chefs and TV personalities. The creation of Glenfields foods was inspired by this demand for quality where taste and customer service are paramount. We are a meat wholesaler who cares!


Glenfields Foods are a burger manufacturer and meat wholesaler based in the UK. We supply restaurants and distributors alike. We supply a range of HMC approved Halal meats as well. We are one of the UK's number 1 meat wholesalers.



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77 tenter road, moulton park industrial estate, northampton. nn3 6ax  

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